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Image by Stefen Tan


Fumizen started at Hotel New Otani more than 40 years ago.
Fumizen’s “tonkatsu” has impressed the successive prime ministers and celebrities of various fields,Fumizen aslo serves Pork cutlet menus and  serving traditional Japanese cuisine such as Sashimi,Sushi,Shabu shabu hotpot.

 Fumizen is a long-established restaurant in the New Otani Hotel serving high-quality tonkatsu (deep-fried breaded pork cutlets) and seasonal Japanese cuisine. Founded over 40 years ago, the shop has been the favorite of prime ministers and celebrities ever since, delivering bento lunch boxes to the Diet to this day.

Fumizen is known for offering reasonably priced high-grade, carefully prepared tonkatsu dishes, as well as delicate seasonal Japanese cuisine, seafood and more recently for their healthy black pork shabu-shabu served with special soba soup

Image by Daniel Apodaca


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