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All of our ramen are carefully developed by our ramen masters. The founder of KYURA MEN studied and absorbed the essence of Japanese ramen, to create the most unique and rich Ramen dish.


The carefully crafted "white", "thick", “fresh” and “fragrant” soup bases are served with a fresh Japanese-style pork roast, a 7-minute boiled egg, and a pair of chopped green onions. DELICIOUS!


The stereotype of Japanese ramen is the tonkotsu shio ramen from South Japan's Kyushu Island. The soup is milky white and is the most acceptable taste for everyone. In fact, in Japan, ramen is divided into three major styles: South Japan's Kyushu Shio Style, Central Japan's Tokyo Shouyu Style and the Hokkaido Miso Style, although differ in flavors are different, each have followers of their own.

However, most ramen shops are imported from Kyushu-style ramen. Over time, everyone thinks that the noodle soup of Japanese ramen should be milky white. The purpose of KYU RAMEN is to introduce the ramen noodles of Japan's three major styles to those who love Ramen. 

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